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Join in on the fun! The UTS College Student Activities Club is a great way to meet friends and get involved in exciting activities both on and off campus.

Get involved in exciting activities, such as movie nights, barbecues, sports competitions, music, excursions and more. Together, you’ll celebrate success, encouraged to learn learning and create new friendships within a community that's connected by similar interests.

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Each semester, we have a calendar full of events to keep you entertained.

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There are many ways to meet you people. The best way is to get involved!

Giving back by becoming a UTS College volunteer is so rewarding. You can be one of our terrific student helpers and become part of the valuable team that helps new students settle in. Your efforts really do make a positive difference to students and help to make their arrival smoother. You’ll make new friendships and build connections that last a lifetime. Volunteers participate in a great training program, and you gain experience that helps you in your professional life after university.