Your success is important to us so if you find yourself questioning your subject choices or chosen program, let us help. Below is a guide with links to information on - adding, dropping, changing subjects and transferring to another program.

Explore the right program

Your first step is to have a conversation with a Study Success Adviser. They can help you work through your options with clear, easy to understand information and support you to make the changes – if that’s what you decide to do.

How to change your subjects

Once you have permission from your Study Success Adviser, you need to lodge your application form with the Student Centre at This needs to be done no later than Monday Week 1. 

To withdraw from a subject after enrolment, visit your Study Success Adviser. Please remember that you cannot withdraw from a subject without academic penalty after Friday week four (census date).

Change of subject application form.

How to apply for a program transfer

If you discover another program that you feel is more aligned to achieving your future goals or learning outcomes, you will need to complete an 'Application to Transfer to Another UTS College Program' and arrange a consultation with one of our Study Success Advisers listed above.

Transfer to Another UTS College Program application form.


In order to transfer to another UTS College program, you:

  • need to apply within the deadlines
  • must have completed one semester of your current program
  • must not have failed more than two subjects in your previous semester.

Note that, if you have failed more than two subjects or have completed more than one semester of your current program, you will be required to submit a personal statement with your application.

If you have previously transferred to another UTS College program, you will not be eligible to apply.


Applications to transfer to another UTS College programs are only accepted from the Results Release Date until 5pm Wednesday of Orientation and Academic Preparation Week (the week before classes commence).

Visa considerations

For international students changing your program may have implications to your student visa. If you hold a student visa and need to extend your studies at UTS College, you will need to contact the UTS College Student Centre for an extension to your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Please do this at least two weeks before your visa expires.

You must then take your passport and overseas student health cover (OSHC) details with you to the Department of Home Affairs office. You can find information on our International Student Transfer Request Assessment Policy here.

If you already hold a visa covering the period of your UTS degree you will also need to contact the UTS International Office (Level 3A of the UTS Tower Building) to advise them of your change of program.