Becoming a homestay host is a truly memorable and extremely rewarding experience. Not only will you be learning about another culture you’ll also get to share your own culture too.

You’ll make new friends, contribute to the student’s overall international experience and have lots of fun along the way. It’s all part of the amazing experience of being a homestay host.

Why should you become a host family?

  1. Learn about another culture
    Learn about another country in your own home! As a homestay host, you will have the unique opportunity to learn first-hand from an international student about their own country and gain insights into their culture. It really is a great learning experience that is culturally enriching and one that is truly unforgettable for the whole family.
  2. Share your own culture
    It’s not just about the student’s cultural experience, it’s about yours too. In fact, it’s your opportunity to show off just how special Australia is – including our people, our values and the customs we celebrate. You may find you learn new things about yourself in the process. It really is a cultural experience like no other.
  3. Be a part of a student’s international experience
    You will experience a rewarding sense of fulfilment, knowing that you have contributed to the growth and development of an international student. A huge amount of joy comes from knowing that you played a key part in helping a young person get closer to their career dreams.
  4. Friendships that last a lifetime
    A homestay hosting experience rarely ends when your international student says goodbye. Many of our hosts continue to stay in contact with the student for years and some even visit the student’s home country. Many students also revisit Sydney and return to catch up with their host families. It’s a friendship for life.
  5. Having fun
    Families who have hosted students in the past often tell us how much fun the experience was. From sharing weekend excursions, learning about the student’s home countries to helping the student out with their English language – it’s a tremendous amount of fun for all.
  6. Get paid for all of the above
    On top of all the learning, friendships and fun you'll also get paid to host your student. We make sure you receive timely payments. 

What are the requirements?

As a homestay host you will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be located within 15km of Sydney's CBD
  2. Be located within a 10 minute walk to either a train station OR a bus stop and have straightforward public transport so it's easy access for students to get around and get to and from our city campus.
  3. Have a spare single room with a bed, study desk, lamp and wardrobe
  4. Your home must be fitted with smoke alarms, with at least one smoke alarm near the students bedroom
  5. Must have well spoken English and be able to assist the student with their English language practice 
  6. Offer meals (weekdays - two meals a day, weekends – three meals a day)
  7. Spend time with our student, so that they can learn more about the Australian culture 
  8. Offer a warm, safe and supportive homestay experience
  9. Every member of your household aged 18 and over is prepared to apply for a Working with Children Check (WCC) 
  10. The primary homestay host must be able to provide photo ID and proof of Australian citizenship or Permanent Residency 
  11. The host must have a current minimum Public Liability insurance cover of $10M.

If you meet all criteria, please complete the online application form below, review our Privacy Policy and our student accommodation team will be in contact soon. 

Note: form fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. 

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