Whether your child is studying on campus at UTS College or from home, they will have access to the same high-quality curriculum, classes and support to help them achieve academic success.

A world-class real-time remote learning experience

UTS College provides high quality Remote Learning, which enables students to learn from home with the structure and support of our teachers and staff every step of the way. This has been made possible by our highly qualified teachers, working with world-leading learning technology, and our caring specialist staff in Student Support Services.

Student study plan

The number of hours your child will study each week will depend on which course they are enrolled in.  

On average, diploma students take four subjects per semester, with a maximum of 24 face-to-face teaching hours per week. However, there are differences depending on whether the program is accelerated, standard or extended.

Full-time students should spend about 35-40 hours a week on their studies, made up of an equal amount of class time and self-study outside class.


Our specialised curriculum focuses on collaboration and teamwork. That means students often work with a group to complete projects and assessments.

Classes are scheduled from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 8pm (Sydney time).

We encourage all students to check their UTS email before every class, so they don’t miss any important information.

Class timetable information

Students will receive a copy of their program timetable during Welcome Week. They can also access a copy of their timetable at any time by logging into eStudent.


All students are required to attend their scheduled classes on time to avoid disruption. International students in particular, are required to maintain an 80% + attendance rate in order to meet their visa requirements.

If your child is unable to attend class for some reason, they will need to contact the Student Centre to let them know why. If their absence is due to an illness, students are required to submit a medical certificate to the Student Centre.

More information on subjects your child will be studying


If you are unsure about anything or have concerns related to classes and timetables, please contact the enrolment team via email enrolment@utscollege.edu.au.