Be a voice for positive change and innovation.

Whether it is to do with the way classes are run, important policies and procedures, or anything else about campus culture, your unique student perspective on issues can help us to improve the wellbeing of our whole community.

Student Charter

The Student Charter is about understanding what it means to be part of the UTS College community, and encourages you to have your say on issues that affect you. 

It is a user-friendly set of guidelines that recognises the rights and responsibilities students and staff have to one another, and encourages everyone in our community to actively work together in upholding and maintaining our collective values. 

By following the Student Charter, we aim for every student to be given opportunities to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience – one that will assist them in reaching their academic, social and personal potential.  

Student Advisory Groups

Being part of a Student Advisory Group gives you the power to enhance the student experience. 

By joining our network of student representatives, you will have opportunities to work with staff and the wider community to shape the future of UTS College – and gain valuable leadership experience along the way. 

As a member, you will become a representative of students in your program, discussing what is important to them, the outcomes they would like, and their ideas for improving students’ learning experience and social wellbeing at UTS College. 

There are eight Student Advisory Groups to be a part of – together they form the Student Voice Team.

Student Voice Team

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Design and Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Science
  • UTS Foundation Studies
  • English Language Teaching.

Student Voice Team



To make sure a variety of student voices is represented, we aim to select a mix of international and domestic students and a balance of genders. We also ensure a mix of new and experienced representatives by inviting previous members to continue the following year.

A Certificate of Recognition from the Dean of Studies is awarded to every member who continues membership for at least one year or who has attended every meeting.


Regular meetings run by program managers give you a formal opportunity to advise on, discuss and make recommendations on discipline-specific issues, as well as issues common to the whole student collective. 

Each Student Advisory Group meets at least once every semester, and three times per year for English language programs. Meetings are usually held at lunchtime, with formal meetings followed by informal get-togethers. 

The Student Advisory Groups also come together at the end of each year to share their perspectives at the annual Student Voice Team meeting. 

Nomination process and eligibility 

Members may be self-nominated, or nominated by other students or teaching staff. 

A call for nominations is emailed out to students each year to recruit 8 to 15 student representatives for each of the eight disciplines.

Student feedback and surveys

You do not need to be part of an official group to have your say. We take all feedback seriously, wherever it comes from. 

Even if you only give your opinion once, your student perspective can make a difference. Your feedback helps us make adjustments to how we teach and run our programs, what facilities we provide, and anything else to do with improving the student experience at UTS College.

Program surveys

Every semester, you will have the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback about your subjects and teachers via student surveys in Canvas or we will email you a link when surveys open. 

The feedback we receive tells us how satisfied students are with what is taught in class and how classes are taught. With this information, we can make improvements and make UTS College programs the best they can be.

Social media

If you have constructive feedback about anything at UTS College, we welcome you to share it via our social media channels. 

Your feedback or reviews could help other students make important decisions about coming to UTS College, or even encourage other students to give their own feedback too. It also helps us to make sure we keep on giving you the best student experience we can.


Where and how to lodge a complaint

At UTS College, we view student complaints as an opportunity to review and improve our policies and practices, and also to gain insight into student satisfaction. 

If you believe you have been wrongly or unfairly treated by UTS College or UTS staff, you have the right to lodge a complaint.

Complaints can be made verbally or in writing to a relevant staff member, or emailed to

Get advice on complaints and appeals from our team at the Student Centre.

Learn about the complaints process

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