How are UTS Foundation Studies students assessed

At UTS College our specialised curriculum focuses on developing your knowledge and skills by applying what you have learnt to a broad range of academic areas. This means your assessments will ​be a combination of projects and tests and will include: group and individual activities, reports, ​discussions, essays, creative projects, portfolios and quizzes.

Where to find details of your assessment tasks

You can find all your subject materials including assessments and announcements on Canvas, our Learning Management System at UTS College. It’s also the place where you will submit assessments, complete group work, receive grades, feedback and communicate with your teachers outside of class. You can login to Canvas by going to and entering your UTS email address and password.

Progression requirements

It's important to note that there are some general and specific requirements for student progression:

  1. Students must successfully complete the previous level of a subject stream before they can study the next level. For example, Foundation English 1 is a pre-requisite for Foundation English 2, Introduction to Mathematics 2 must be completed prior to studying Introduction to Mathematics 3
  2. A readiness test is required for students who would like to be exempt from Introduction to Mathematics 1 and study Introduction to Mathematics 2 in their first semester of study. Introduction to Mathematics 2 is designed for students who have studied maths before at senior high school or who intend to study Engineering or Science. Students enrolled in the Standard two semester program who intend to study an Engineering major need to complete Introduction to Mathematics 2 in their first semester of study as a prerequisite for Introduction to Mathematics 3.     
  3. It is compulsory for students who intend to study an Engineering major to complete Introduction to Mathematics 3 during their UTS Foundation Studies. 
  4. It is recommended for students with little to no exposure to digital technologies and or graphics software should undertake Digital Literacies prior to attempting Multimedia subject.

Getting help with assessments

We can help you ​understand assessment questions, ​prepare for assignments, ​improve your essay writing, maths and more. UTS College has Learning Support and Study Skills workshops.

For more information about the workshops and learning support, email or visit our Academic Support page. Subject coordinators are also available for both weekly drop-in sessions and online help.

What to do if you are unwell when an assessment is due

If you are unwell when an assessment is due, speak to your teacher in the first instance. You may be able to apply for Special Consideration.

When are results released

Your results are not finalised until the Semester Results Publication Date.

Where to get your results

Semester and assessment results are available via eStudent. Make sure your account is up to date. If you are having trouble logging in, contact ITDS Service Desk Portal. If you suspect that the results displayed are incorrect, advise a teacher immediately.

What to do if your results are blocked or incorrect

Your results will be blocked if you have any outstanding fees. These can include tuition, homestay, library or overdue book fees. You need to pay all outstanding fees and bring the receipt to the Student Centre. If your results are incorrect, please see your teacher.

What do the grades mean - grading guidelines, GPA calculation

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of all your grades in all subjects. Fail grades are included in the GPA calculation even if you subsequently repeat and pass that subject.

GPA Table

The UTS Foundation Studies programs use a 10-point GPA scale.

GradeGrade Point (10 scale)
High Distinction10

GPA Formula and Calculation

GPA = [Subject1 GP) + (Subject2 GP) + (SubjectN GP)] / (Total Subjects enrolled)

  • Subject GP = the subject's grade point value as per above table

For more information on GPA calculation, students may contact the Study Success Advisers or email Student Administration on

How to get a transcript of results

A Transcript is an official document containing the subjects you have completed and your grades and overall Grade Point Average (GPA). You can request a transcript by submitting an Application for Academic Record by email to

What to do if you fail a subject

You are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress and complete your programs within the normal time-frame required. Satisfactory progression through your program is not only a UTS College requirement but also an Australian Government regulation for international students.

If you fail a subject, this will impact on your planned articulation to your degree studies. Students who are struggling to meet academic progress expectations will be placed on Academic Caution and will be contacted by Study Success Advisers who will offer additional support.

Who to talk to about academic progress or results

For advice on tour academic progress, contact your Study Success Advisers.

How to lodge an appeal against a grading decision

If you suspect there have been procedural or factual errors in the grading of your assessments, you have the right to appeal. You can find out more information on how to appeal.