These exam guidelines apply to all kinds of exams including Semester, Final Exams, Special Exams, Online exams and Final Stage Supplementary Exams.

What you need to do before an exam

Before an exam, read your exam timetable carefully. It is your responsibility to be prepared for your exams and to know the time and place of each exam.

Misreading or misunderstanding your exam timetable will not be accepted as a reason if you fail to attend an exam. Additionally, it will not be accepted as grounds for an application for Special Exam. Once you have sat or commenced your final exam, you will not eligible for a Special Exam.

Please be at the online exam at least 30 minutes before the scheduled exam start time.

If you are unable to attend your Final Exam, please contact Student Administration. You may be eligible for Special Consideration or a Special Exam.

Exclusion from exams

You may be excluded from a final exam in a subject for any of the following reasons:

  • Unauthorised absence from class
  • Failure to meet subject requirements, for example: non-submission of assignments, failure to attend class or mid-semester tests
  • Academic misconduct
  • Non-academic misconduct
  • General misconduct.

Online Final Exams

All final exams are conducted online. You must attend a Pre-Exam Check via RingCentral or Zoom Meeting. You will receive your exam timetable via email on Week 8 Monday. Slight adjustments have been made to exam start times ensure you are able take the exams regardless of what time zone you are in. Please note that all times displayed are Sydney time in Australia. You should check the corresponding local time using the Time Zone Converter.

Failure to turn up to an online exam on time is not an excuse for extra time to be provided. Students arriving more than 45 minutes late will not be permitted to enter the final exam.

Please make sure to carefully read the Instructions and FAQs. If you experience an emergency issue during your exam, you must notify your exam supervisor (chat function in Zoom Meeting) or email to avoid being reported for Exam Misconduct.

The video below will provide all the answers you may have questions to in regards to your online exams.

What you can have with you in your exam

You are required to show your student ID card for entry into the online exam. You will not be allowed to sit an exam if your student card is not in date and signed. If you need to replace or update your card, contact the Student Centre before your exam.


You need to remove the cover from your calculator before entering the exam room and calculators must not have anything written on them or any notes concealed in them.

  • Calculators must have all of the following features:
    • Hand-held
    • Internally powered
    • Non-programmable
    • Numeric keypad
    • ​Silent.
  • Calculators must not have any of the following features:
    • Alpha-numeric keypad
    • Data banks
    • Dictionaries
    • Language translators
    • Retrieval or manipulation of text
    • Graphic or word display
    • Sound
    • Pocket organisers
    • ​External communications.
  • Calculators must not be capable of:
    • Storing alphanumeric information (calculators that can store intermediate numeric calculations are permitted)
    • Graphical display of symbolically entered functions
    • Performing symbolic manipulation (such as factorisation, solving equations, integration or differentiation)
    • Performing hard-wired numerical processes (such as solving equations and numerical integration). 

What happens in cases of misconduct?

Misconduct during exams relates to actions taken by students that may:

  • give them an unfair advantage, such as cheating
  • unfairly disadvantage other students, such as disrupting an exam
  • failure to follow the instructions of authorised supervisors.

If a charge of Non-Academic Misconduct during an exam is bought against you, there are 5 levels of penalties:

  1. Reprimand
  2. Reduction in marks
  3. Fail grade for the assessment event
  4. Fail grade for the subject
  5. Exclusion from UTS College.

For further information, please see the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy and Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure

Who to contact for questions or complaints

If you would like to make a formal complaint or appeal, please contact the Student Centre.

Who to contact for help and advice

If you have any questions about exams, please contact Student Administration at

For other advice, you can contact the Study Success Advisers.