Results release dates

Your exam results will be available on the Semester Results Publication Date.

Where to get your results

You can get your semester and assessment results via eStudent. Make sure your account is up to date. If you are having trouble logging in, contact UTS College Service Desk. If you suspect that the results displayed are incorrect, advise a subject coordinator or teacher immediately.

What to do if your results are blocked or incorrect

Your results will be blocked if you have any outstanding fees. These can include tuition, homestay, library or overdue book fees. You need to pay all outstanding fees and bring the receipt to the Student Centre. If your results are incorrect, please advise a subject coordinator or see your teacher.

What do the grades mean – grading guidelines, GPA calculations

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of all your grades in all subjects. Fail grades are included in the GPA calculation even if you subsequently repeat and pass that subject.

GPA Table

Diploma program GPAs are calculated using a 7-point GPA scale.

Grade           Grade Point
(7 scale)
High Distinction7

GPA Formula and Calculation

GPA = [Subject1 GP x CP) + (Subject2 GP x CP) + (SubjectN GP x CP)] / (Total CP enrolled)


  • Subject GP = the subject's grade point value as per above table
  • CP = subject credit points.

For more information on GPA calculation, students may contact the Study Success Advisers or Student Administration at

How to get a transcript of results

A Transcript is an official document containing the subjects you have completed and your grades and overall Grade Point Average (GPA). You can request a transcript by submitting an Application for Academic Record by email to

What to do if you fail a subject

If you fail a subject, your first step is to see a Study Success Adviser to discuss your options.

If you are a Final Stage Supplementary exams Diploma student and fail one final subject that is required for you to get your diploma, you may be eligible for a Final Stage Supplementary Exam.

Who to talk to about academic progress or results

If you have any questions about your results, please contact Student Administration at

How to lodge an appeal against a grading decision

If you suspect there have been procedural or factual errors in the grading of your assessments, you have the right to appeal and you can find information on how to appeal here.

Where to get help

Study Success Advisers are again your first point of contact should you have any concerns regarding your exam results.