Sydney: A Foodie's Paradise

Sydney: A Foodie's Paradise
Sydney: A Foodie's Paradise

The diversity of Sydney’s population means that there is a wide array of multicultural cuisines available, both in the city and in the outer suburbs. Whether you want to order an old favourite or try something entirely new, Sydney has got your food options covered.

Australians love to eat out with their friends and family and socialise while sharing a few laughs over a delicious meal. It is an essential part of the “Australian way of life”. The sunny city of Sydney has high standards when it comes to food, which is reflected in the abundance of cafés, restaurants and bars.

Multiculturalism has had a significant influence on the food that is available around the city. The variety of cultures in Sydney means that you will also be spoiled for choice in terms of what to eat. All you need to do is take a short stroll through the CBD to see the abundance of cuisines on offer: fragrant Indian curries, spicy Thai stir-fries, tasty Lebanese falafel, wood-fired Italian pizzas, flavoursome Chinese dumplings, fresh Vietnamese rice paper rolls, steaming Japanese ramen – the list just goes on and on.

This makes choosing where to dine a very tough decision.

So let’s make things easier for you. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect place to eat out at, as per your choice of cuisine.

Let’s start with a hearty breakfast because a perfect meal in the morning can make all the difference to how your day goes.


Sydney does breakfast like no other. Here, it’s a social norm to have a business meeting over a good plate of breakfast, or to catch up with friends on the weekend over a decadent brunch.

There is a lot to choose from – bacon and eggs, muesli, banana bread, fresh fruit – but the favourites like smashed avocado on toast or eggs benedict will leave you salivating.

Australians love their coffee and Sydney is the ideal place to be in when you’re looking for your caffeine fix. There is a plethora of cafés and coffee shops scattered throughout the city serving coffee just the way you like it.


The top spots for breakfast in the city are Tripod Café in Redfern, Four Ate Five in Surry Hills, and Shenkin Kitchen in Newtown. A visit to these places will definitely make you go back for more.

Whether you want to go out for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner, choose from any of these cuisines or restaurants to let your tastebuds have their own party.

Thai – Try the tropical flavours while sitting here in Australia

Thi green curry

There is an abundance of quality Thai eateries lining the blocks of Campbell Street, which runs along George Street till Elizabeth Street, earning the area its nickname of “Thai Town”.

It is a short stroll from Central Station and the venues are both delicious and cost effective, catering to both vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

The crying tiger at Chat Thai is a personal favourite and is lip-smackingly delicious! Other places to try out are Green Peppercorn on Pitt Street (try Lao Sausage while there) and Spice I Am in Surry Hills (try the Mok Gai Hua Plee).

Middle Eastern – There are no camel rides or expansive deserts, but you get to revel in a very authentic experience

middle eastern food

Middle Eastern food is considered one of Sydney’s strengths[i] and it’s well worth taking the 30-minute trip from Central Station to Auburn, Granville or Lakemba to try what’s on offer. The falafels at Jasmins in Liverpool are divine, as is the lamb shank at Lakemba’s Al Aseel. The El Jannah’s in Granville is a must-visit for the charcoal chicken with garlic dip.

The best way to enjoy a Middle Eastern meal is to get together with a group of friends and share a variety of dips, salads and breads. A great place to go for this type of affair is a Turkish restaurant named Erciyes, in Surry Hills – the décor is cool, the wait staff are friendly and the dips are both scrumptious and reasonably priced.

Indian – Experience the best flavours from the land of spices

indian food

If you’re in the market for some Indian food tonight, it’s worth making the trip to Wigram Street in Harris Park[ii]. Although it’s a 40-minute train ride from Central Station, we assure you it’s worth the trip. Highlights include the potato masala dosa at Billu’s Indian Eatery, the northern-style samosas at Ginger and the spicy Madras goat curry at Chutney. You won’t be disappointed!

Chinese – Relish in a little bit of the oriental

chinese food

To Sydney’s delight, over the years the Chinese have brought their culinary delights,to the point that the city boasts multiple “Chinatowns”.

Yum cha (Chinese style brunch tea), is one of the most popular drinks in Australia and there are many options to choose from.

For a delightful yum cha experience, you should check out Sky Phoenix on the top of Westfield Sydney, located in the Pitt Street Mall. To chow down some dumplings, you can also check out Din Tai Fung, which has the most incredible soup dumplings you will ever try.

And if you are looking for some authentic Chinese desserts, try the PassionTree at Chatswood (the bingsoo is a must have!).

European – From fine dining to cool cafes, there is a lot to consider

European food

If you’re in search of some classic European style dining, the city has some great offerings for you to dig into! You can head over to Redfern Continental and select from their delicious range of pastas, zucchini flowers and meatballs, which are all irresistible.

To experience a modern take on French cuisine, try Sydney’s newest hotspot, Restaurant Hubert on Bligh Street. They offer a range of classic French dishes, including delicious chicken fricassee. The helpings are generous and the staff very courteous.

For the vegetarians – A whole lot of options

Vegetarian food

Cutting meat out of your meal does not mean you have to cut down on the quality or the flavour and the vegetarian restaurants in Sydney are a testament to that. Hari’s Vegetarian is a personal favourite – not only do they change their menu regularly, but they offer student discounts. They offera casual, diner-style dining experience where you can watch busy city people walk by while you eat.

For a unique dining experience, head to Lentil As Anything in Newtown, a not-for-profit organisation where you pay as much as you feel the food is worth. They also have various activities throughout the week, like yoga classes.

Also worth checking out is “Sydney’s First Organic Wholefood & Raw Foods Café”, Sadhana Kitchen in Enmore. It offers food thatis as delicious as it is nutritious – like the Sadhana Lasagne.

The best way to end any meal is with something sweet, something melting and something so delicious it makes you go for a second helping.


If you have a sweet tooth then you’re in luck!

Right now Sydney’s going through a bit of a “doughnut craze”[iii] , with the recent opening of the Doughnut Time chain stores. They have a huge variety of massive, colourful, decadent doughnuts and they offer different flavours weekly. They even have vegan options like the ‘Vegan Fox’ and ‘A Matcha Made in Heaven’.

For something a little bit cooler, you should visit one of the N2 Extreme Gelato stores, in various locations around Sydney. N2 have a “laboratory theme” set-up: you can watch the gelato scientists mix their unique flavours in beakers with liquid nitrogen and some are served with a chocolate-filled plastic syringe.

If chocolate is your preference, a visit to one of the Max Brenner Chocolate Bars around Sydney is worthwhile. Each of their stores has a cosy atmosphere, which makes for a great spot for dessert with friends after a nice dinner. Here you can enjoy chocolate-inspired hot and cold drinks and unexpected sweet treats like chocolate pizzas. The Tutti-Frutti Waffles are a big hit!

The above list is by no means exhaustive! What is offered here is only the tip of the iceberg. With all the food outlets and cuisines that Sydney has to offer, sometimes the best way to choose your next meal is to put your guide books away and talk to some friendly locals, then follow your nose.

I love my meals and hope your next one is as good as the one I am having now! Happy Dining!