Supporting English language education in Cambodia and Asia-Pacific

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In January 2017, more than 1,700 English language teachers from 30 countries attended the 13th annual CamTESOL Conference in Phnom Penh to further their professional development and knowledge sharing. CamTESOL is the premier professional education conference for English language teachers in the region.

“We are very pleased to work with IDP to encourage so many dedicated teachers from ASEAN through our sponsorship of CamTESOL. This annual event, organised by one of our largest education partners, IDP Education, is a valuable opportunity for professional development for teachers of English in the region,” said UTS Insearch’s Dean of Studies, Tim Laurence.

“The team from UTS Insearch is delighted collaborated with our partner, IDP Education, at the 13th annual conference in Cambodia. “

“As the pathway to the University of Technology Sydney, we are proud to deliver our English language programs in Sydney,  and also through our partners in Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Myanmar and South Korea.  Everyone at UTS Insearch is deeply committed to helping students reach their potential to go on to success at university, and strong English language skills are vital for studying at university in a global context,” said Mr Laurence. 

“We see enormous value in working with ASEAN countries and their neighbours to enhance English skills, which will encourage international cooperation and mobility.  With the growth in the ASEAN community, quality English teaching has never been more important in preparing the citizens of the ASEAN region to do business together,” he concluded.

UTS Insearch sponsored the 2017 CamTESOL conference.