So, you didn’t get the ATAR you needed. What now?

Don't let a disappointing ATAR stand in your way. There are more ways into uni than you think.
Don't let a disappointing ATAR stand in your way. There are more ways into uni than you think.

Anyone who’s lived through the last two years already knows life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect. That said, when you don’t get the ATAR you were hoping for, it can really knock the wind out of your sails. That’s understandable, but there’s no need to stay down. While you’re allowed to feel disappointed, it’s not the end of the world.
First step is to calm down.
There’s no need to panic. Countless people have bounced back from an unexpected HSC result and gone on to achieve success. Remember, your ATAR is just a number. It is not in any way a measure of your potential. All sorts of things can affect your HSC result – stress, illness, personal issues, or perhaps, you know, living through the complete madness of a global pandemic.
Reflect for a moment and you’ll realise there’s much more to you than your ATAR. You have a combination of skills, talents, experiences, and values that make you unique, and they will all contribute to your future success – probably more than a number that will be forgotten in a surprisingly short time.
There are more ways into uni than you think.
Next thing is to understand that missing out on the mark you had in mind will not lock you out of your dream degree or career. The ATAR is just one of many ways to get into uni, so there’s no reason to lose sight of your goal. Take some time to explore your options. Maybe a gap year is right for you. You could pick up new skills with a certificate or enrich your experience with volunteer work. Many students also enter their preferred degree by enrolling in a pathway course connected to the university they have in mind. Any of these options will help you start uni with extra confidence and get you the same degree in the end. 
You’ll feel better with a backup plan.
Once you have things in perspective, it’s time to get on with your backup plan. You could start by looking at non-ATAR pathways like UTS College, the pathway to UTS. A Diploma of Business, Communication, Design and Architecture, Information Technology, Engineering, or Science could be just what you need to open the door to your dream degree. Why not chat with a program manager now to find out more about how UTS College can help?
Remember, you’ve got this. You didn’t seriously think an ATAR could stand in your way, did you?