Over the Moon

Diploma of Engineering graduate Andrew Moon
Diploma of Engineering graduate Andrew Moon

Despite difficult personal circumstances and some bad study habits formed at high school, Andrew Moon is well on his way to working in IT and becoming a Chief Technology Officer at a major company.

“I struggled a lot in high school, created many bad study habits while I was there. My circumstances made it quite difficult to stay focused and motivated.” Andrew said.  

On top of this, Andrew found the pressure and expectations associated with a selective boys' high school made the HSC quite overwhelming.

“I did not perform as well as I hoped,” Andrew said.

“I found UTS Insearch after a search online. I finished the Diploma of Engineering and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering – Software (Hons) at UTS. My goal is to work in cyber security, artificial intelligence or machine learning because they will revolutionise the world.”

Andrew hopes to use what he learns from his degree to create his own tech company that will help create a more efficient world.

When not preparing for his future IT career, he's a budding entrepreneur, busy building his necktie company. He wants to create a subscription-based service to provide high-end ties to a select clientele. He has also applied to the UTS Hatchery program for UTS students who want to turn their entrepreneurial spirit into businesses.