Natalie re-routes to pursue IT career

UTS Insearch Diploma of IT graduate Natalie Farlow
UTS Insearch Diploma of IT graduate Natalie Farlow

The interrelationship between technology and its potential commercialisation fascinates Natalie and inspires her career goals. However, she found that the HSC and her Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank limited her ability to pursue this interest, as she did not have the results to enter her dream university – the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

She initially attempted a Bachelor of Business at another Australian university, however she found it was not a good fit for her and deferred her study.

“I always knew that business was an option, but IT was my calling. My Dad, who is a senior infrastructure engineer, exposed me to technology from a young age so it is my focus,” said Natalie.

Natalie then discovered UTS Insearch, the pathway to UTS, from her brother who attended UTS. Realising that she could take the Diploma of IT pathway to enter a UTS degree she realised this was her ‘launch pad’ to UTS and took up the opportunity.

“UTS Insearch has been a good transition from high school to university,” she said.

Natalie is currently studying a Bachelor of Science in IT, majoring in Business Information Systems at UTS. Her long-term goal is to carve out a career in technology commercialisation.

“Technology commercialisation involves helping aspiring entrepreneurs market their product, assisting them in positioning in the market and helping them discover if their products will be profitable."