Design on display

Design on display

Final semester students in the Diploma of Design & Architecture at UTS Insearch recently exhibited their major projects for their capstone subject Design Project to showcase their work and highlight their skills. 

Subject Coordinator Dr Alexander Su said that students curated the exhibition in a delightfully unexpected way. By considering design principles such as clustering, focal points, movement and levels, the exhibition provided attendees with a sensory experience that was both ‘playful and introspective’. 

Dr Su said the exhibited works drew on trans-disciplinary intersections between design and architecture, which allowed the students to collaborate in teams tasked with the curation and installation of the exhibition. This included deciding how each piece would be displayed and creating a cohesive image for the overall exhibition space. 

For Diploma of Design student Penelope Chen, the experience was valuable. Besides being able to exhibit her 3D origami piece entitled Charming, Penelope used the opportunity design online portfolios and business cards for the students featured in the exhibition. 

UTS Insearch Diploma of Design & Architecture students gain 36 credit points towards any UTS Design course. Students also complete their own work-ready portfolio which can be shown to potential employers, have their final works judged by design experts, and enhance their knowledge of the industry by attending design and architecture exhibits as part of their studies.