5 things you could be doing instead of feeling down about your ATAR

Spend some time with the people who get you.
Spend some time with the people who get you.

The wait is over, the results are in, and that number is finally staring you in the face. What if it’s not what you were hoping for?
First of all, even if you’re feeling disappointed, you deserve to be congratulated. Remember, you completed high school during the weirdest two years in living memory. That’s a reason to be proud, even if your score didn’t live up to your expectations. Making it to the finish line in one piece in times like this something to celebrate. You’ve probably heard this before, but it bears repeating: That pesky ATAR is just a number. There’s much more to you than that. So, if you’re feeling a bit let down, here are five sure-fire ways to lift that post-ATAR mood slump.

1. Get moving
Get on your bike, go for a swim or a run, walk the dog, or just turn up the music and dance like nobody’s watching. Whatever gets your blood pumping. Exercise endorphins have amazing powers to lift your spirits and remind you how good it is to be alive.

2. Soak up some nature
Blow away the cobwebs with a dose of fresh air. Fill young lungs with the good stuff. The world is still turning. Whether you’re by the sea or the mountains, or exploring the wonders of your backyard in summer, you can trust Mother Nature to improve your outlook.

3. Make time for the people who count
There’s nothing like spending time with the people who get you. You know who your people are. Your friends, your family, the people who’ve known you forever. They’re all great at reminding you that you’re the same cool person you were before you got your ATAR. Believe them.

4. Put your hand up
Doing something for someone else is the best way to get your mind off your own worries. Volunteer to help at an animal shelter or food bank or get your hands dirty doing bush care. You’ll find there’s somewhere in your neighbourhood you can make a difference. Check with your local council.

5. Make a backup plan
The good news is, your ATAR is just one of many ways to find your way to uni. Instead of burning up energy worrying, this is the perfect time to explore your options. You could start by looking at non-ATAR pathways such as UTS College, the pathway to UTS. A Diploma of Business, Communication, Design and Architecture, Information Technology, Engineering, or Science could be the perfect backup plan to help you into your dream degree. 

Above all, stay positive. It’s all within your reach. Go get ‘em tiger.